• President Street Duplex

    SIZE:  1700 SQ FT


    This duplex was originally two different apartment in a typical tenement building in Brooklyn, but when the clients wanted to combined them and create their own private stair it added a new challenge. By working closely with the DOB and client UPA removed the public stair between the two floors and give them their own while still allowing the other tenants roof access. New window openings we also implemented turn these dark separate apartments into a lofty two floor dwelling. Reclaimed and recycled finishes were used throughout the house from reclaimed cinnamon wood flooring to actual bricks used to cover the interior walls turning this dated residence into its original glory with a modern twist.

    UPA was able to create a new circulation pattern due to the removal of the public stair that allowed easy flow stair to all rooms of the duplex. With the public stair mass now removed from the 4th floor, a small playroom could now take its place allowing for more floor space and storage. The kitchen was the most improved, once where you entered the third floor became a space for family dinners and quality cooking. With cooking being a big part of this family’s lifestyle, one of their request was to be able to look outside while they were making dinner. The result is a beautiful custom kitchen with authentic tin ceilings, ample storage space and a beautiful view