• Commercial Loft

    SIZE: 4600 SQ FT

    This New York marketing and research firm located in TriBeCa had expanded over the years and their office layout was disorganized and felt chaotic to work in. The firm has a strong brand image incorporated into the design to create a cohesive modern identity that would make their offices memorable to clients and invigorating for employees.

    The massive column structure of the building was used as a defining focal point, creating not only a rhythm which unifies the large space, but also provides a constant point of reference within the office. The bold colors of the columns and accent walls are selected from the company logo which reinforces the corporate identity and reflects the young, dynamic energy of the people who work there. Recycled rubber flooring is used throughout the space, helping control sound within the space and providing a comfortable yet durable surface underfoot. Access to natural day lighting in the office is improved with the use of transoms and translucent doors and new, high efficiency light fixtures replace old, outdated fixtures, saving energy and greatly improving light quality.